BrewBox | Coconut Stout

BrewBox | Coconut Stout

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Coconut Stout is another modern take on the classic dark beer style. The chocolate and coffee bouquet of the Carafa malt is complimented by the generous addition of shredded coconut. This stout is made for Summer.

Your BrewBox includes:

  • Freshly milled base malt
  • Freshly milled specialty malts
  • Hops
  • A packet of dried yeast (Lallemand or Fermentis) 
  • Specialty ingredients for certain recipes
  • Sanitiser packets
  • Tailored BrewCard
  • Fermentation Guide
  • Bottling Guide

Your tailored BrewCard will guide you through your specific brew in 8 simple steps.

The Fermentation Guide and Bottling Guide will direct you through the final steps, and on to drinking your delicious brew.

To get brewing you will need the items that come in our Starter Kit and a few bits and pieces from your kitchen.